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Tips on how to get a shout-out!

I put some helpful information on my FAQ page. So far I answered commonly asked questions about cases and most importantly, how to improve your chances on getting a shout-out in a Race Grooves Track Time video! 


Snake And Mongoose Movie!

The story of these two drag racing stars has been made into a movie!  Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen were sponsored by Hot Wheels! 

Click the image to get options to purchase the DVD as well as affordable streaming options. 


International Workstar Brush Fire Truck

The rumors are that this Matchbox International Workstar Brush Fire Truck was supposed to be part of a 60th Anniversary promotion from Mattel in 2013.

Whatever happened, the models were produced but the promo never happened. Thankfully, they didn't destroy them and they are available directly for sale. Click the Amazon image for details!



Second wave of Zamac cars

Check your USA Walmart stores for G-case assortment which has these:
#4 Chevy Silverado
#5 2013 HW Chevy Camaro Special Edition
#6 Toyota AE-86 Corolla 

This video shows #'s 1-3 which were available around January 2014.