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Hot Wheels Collector Events at KMart

The first event for 2014 has been announced!

February 15, 2014. Be there before 9:00 am for your raffle ticket for a chance to open a 36-count case and buy brand new cars! At the link below, you will find out the 4 exclusive models, the 3 First To Market cars (not exclusive), and the IMPORTANT information regarding the 20 UPC Mail-In promo.

Keep in mind that KMart has a special Collector's Day but you can purchase cars for about a month for the mail-in. Toys R US does not have a Collector's Day but they receive shipments of cases with exclusively decorated models just like KMart. Again, there is at least a month to purchase cars and send for the mail-in. 

Please use this official link to find out which stores will be doing the event, what models will have event exclusive decorations, which Assortment Codes you need to purchase, and the official dates that must be shown from your in-store purchase. (Online purchases do NOT count).

Kmart Collectors Event, February 15, 2014

While supplies last, you can purchase the cases online here

February 15 (Ends March 22) - KMart ('69 Chevelle SS 396)
June (Ends August TBA) - (Toys R Us TBA)
September (September TBA) - KMart (TBA)
November (November TBA) - KMart (TBA)  



What is the Hot Wheels Collectors Event at Kmart? 

This is the first K-Day video that I made. It will give you a feel for how the events run. This store, which is no longer open, would raffle off the numbers. If you got your ticket called, you can buy whatever you want out of the case, no limits. However, most stores, go by the rules and only allow you to pick five cars in five minutes. Then you have to return the case. Unfortunately, after the event is over, it is a free-for-all for the rest of the cars. Personally, I don't like this method so you need to find a store that runs it the way you like.



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