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Hot Wheels Mail-In Offers


New Link for Mail-Ins!

Please note that since there are now multiple stores with mail-in offers during the year,  I will be using this new link:


Bookmark that link because this KMart Collector's Link will not be updated from here forward. 


2014 Toys R Us Mail-In Info!

Mattel has announced the 2014 Mail-In offer for Toys R Us. It is July 13 through September 14, 2014. There are separate links for USA and Canada on this page:


On that page, be sure to click on the Official Rules link

When they mention assortment codes, you can see the "Asst." code above the UPC on the back of the card. If Toys R Us has short-cards, I recommend that you buy those (with the correct Asst code) so that it will cost less when you have to mail in the cardback (less cardboard weight). 

Toys R Us will receive special assortments for this promo. The models with exclusive decorations will be the '69 Camaro (black with green flames), the Twin Mill III (dark red), and the '64 Chevy Nova (black with flames). The exclusive model that you can mail-in to receive is the '88 Jeep Wagoneer.


2014 Mail-In Offers

Here are the general time periods for the Hot Wheels Mail-In Offers. Please refer to Mattel's links for official information. This info is only valid at the time that I updated this post. 
2014 Mail-In Offers:
February 15 (Ended March 22) 
KMart ('69 Chevelle SS 396)(Link)
July 13 to September 14 
Toys R Us ('88 Jeep Wagoneer)(Link)
September (September TBA) 
KMart (TBA)(Link - TBA)
November (November TBA) 
KMart (TBA)  (Link - TBA)
Keep in mind that KMart has a special Collector's Day but you can purchase cars for about a month for the mail-in. The stores receive specially packed cases and hold them for K-Day. 
Toys R US does not have a Collector's Day but they receive shipments of cars with exclusively decorated models just like KMart. Again, there is at least a month to purchase cars and send for the mail-in. 
Walmart has mail-ins as well but there is no special Collector's 'Day'. 
Please note that I am not responsible for any of this information nor the promotion. I will not be taking time to explain nor answer questions. Please contact Mattel so that they can help you. I am only the messenger. 



What is the Hot Wheels Collectors Event at Kmart? 

This is the first K-Day video that I made. It will give you a feel for how the events run. This store, which is no longer open, would raffle off the numbers. If you got your ticket called, you can buy whatever you want out of the case, no limits. However, most stores, go by the rules and only allow you to pick five cars in five minutes. Then you have to return the case. Unfortunately, after the event is over, it is a free-for-all for the rest of the cars. Personally, I don't like this method so you need to find a store that runs it the way you like.